If you struggle with how to carry your camera gear, a 3 point slinger for camera can be a good solution. It would be cumbersome to carry without a 3-point slinger. Pro-level DSLRs in particular will be cumbersome to carry. If you use it on one shoulder without a 3-point slinger, it will be easier to control. But it can slip on one shoulder. The 3 Point Slinger is a strap that goes over the shoulder and across the body and connects to your camera without the risk of it falling off the shoulder and is easy to control.

What Is a Sling Bag?

A sling bag is a type of bag with a cross-shoulder strap. It is intended to be worn over the lower back or chest and attached to the upper body. The clasp is usually off-center, the straps are joined diagonally, and the body is usually circular.

How You Attach It to Your Camera

Most serious cameras have at least two ways to attach a strap. The original strap attachment points are typically located on the camera’s “shoulders.” As well as a tripod thread. Some may have a counter-argument. My Canon EOS 5D III’s battery grip has this little gizmo for attaching a strap. It serves as a hand grip for me. However, a camera sling would suffice.

How does a 3-point camera sling work?

The operation is straightforward; the three anchor points support the weight of the camera while securely attaching it to your body.

The camera is suspended by the waist in a flat resting position, ready to be used whenever it is needed. Rubber/plastic caps that move on the harness guide camera movement; the extent of camera movement on the strap can be controlled by these caps.

Hands can be completely free to do anything else without being obstructed by the camera. The camera is also protected from bumps and hits because it is positioned to the side rather than in front.

Because the weight is distributed evenly across the top half of the body, the camera can be used for extended periods of time.

In cases where the camera lenses are extremely heavy (for example, bird photography telephoto lenses or long prime lenses), the slinger can be attached to the bottom of the lens mount rather than the camera.

Here are some of the best three-point camera slingers on the market. We’ll look at single and dual-camera models.

3 point slingers for cameras: what are their advantages?

When It Comes To Moving And Transporting Cameras, There Is No Better Piece Of Equipment Than A 3-Point Slinger. Using This Simple Device, you can easily move your camera around without damaging it or injuring yourself. 3 Point Slings Offer The Following Benefits:

Increased Safety

There is no better piece of equipment for moving and transporting cameras than a 3-Point Slinger. This simple device allows you to easily move your camera around without fear of damaging it or injuring yourself. Some of the primary advantages of using a three-point sling are as follows:

Ease Of Use

A 3 Point Sling is very simple to use—just wear it like a backpack and you’re ready to go! This makes transportation quick and simple, even for those who are unfamiliar with slings.

Increased Versatility

You Can Take Your Camera Anywhere With A 3-Point Sling. This opens up a plethora of new opportunities for photography enthusiasts worldwide.

What is the Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

This review provides an overview of what a 3-point slinger is for cameras. I’ll go over several different types of camera harnesses and straps. It costs less than $20 and more than $100. As a result, you’ll need to plan ahead of time for your budget. The list starts with the least expensive and works its way up to the most expensive.

1. Ocim

The Ocim 3-point Slinger for camera costs a little more. It looks almost identical to the PiuQ. It does, however, have one significant improvement. A safety strap and a slinger strap are attached to the camera’s body. This will give your camera a lot of security.

It is attached to an eyelet on the strap on the camera side. The sling then has a strong metal carabiner that locks. A strap under the arm provides padding support for the shoulder strap. The straps can be adjusted and have locking mechanisms. The camera cannot move as a result of this.

2. PiuQ

The PiuQ is attached to the tripod screw on the bottom of your camera. The screw-in eyelet has a rubber base to protect the body of your camera. The strap’s length can be adjusted to a maximum of 21.5 millimeters (55 millimeters). The lockable carabiner can be used to secure it to the eyelet. The heavy, padded shoulder strap is stabilized by an under-arm strap. Its scratch resistance is an excellent feature. The shoulder pad is long-lasting.

My main concern is the lack of a security strap. If the sole connection is lost, you and your finances are also lost. To use the tripod, the eyelet must be removed. This can also limit its application. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. It is very affordable to purchase PiuQ.


Three-point To date, Slingers’ world camera has been dull and grey. This USA GEAR TrueSHOT, on the other hand, adds some color to the picture. It also does an excellent job in a variety of areas. A tripod thread runs through the fixing plate. You can use your tripod to put it on. It comes with a stabilizing underarm strap. An adjustable lockable carabiner is used to secure the sling. There are two pockets in total. One is for memory cards, and the other is for other devices.

The only drawback is the lack of a quick-release mechanism for security straps. This is a troubling oversight. It’s a plus that it’s designed to connect two slings. As a result, you can bring two camera slings. You could put your spare lens on the other sling.


The best 3-point slingers for camera are essential for any photographer, whether amateur or professional because they assist you in attaching cameras to your body in a way that does not damage or shift the total weight onto one side of the body. They are also extremely adaptable, allowing you to use them as a neck, shoulder, or sling.

They are much lighter than standard bags for best 3-point slingers for cameras and typically have more compartments and organizational elements. When carrying a large camera, your best 3-point slingers for camera will become quite heavy when packed into camera bags. These best 3-point slingers for camera accelerated steadiness and flexibility can help you capture clearer and more precise images.

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